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The  next  major  landmark  was  1928,  when  the  firm  of  MacDonald  and  MacKintosh  of
            Inverness  was  acquired  by  MacEwen’s.  This  business  was  allowed  to  continue  trading
            under its own name, along with its whisky brand of Clan Chattan.

            The last outlet to be opened was in Doune in Perthshire in 1960.

            After  having  said  all  that,  what  we  as  collectors  are  really  interested  in  is  what  was
            produced in miniature, what we already have in our collections, and ultimately what we are
            still looking for to complete the set.

            The following pictorial checklist gives you what is hopefully a comprehensive set of what
            has been produced over the years. The first two groups (photo’s 17 – 24) were the earliest
            produced and did not display the strength of 70°proof. You will  also note that all of the
            outlets did not have their own jug at this time. The next three groups (photo’s 25 – 33)
            shows the later version, depicting the strength of the contents on each jug, and of course
            more outlets were represented by this time. You should note that I have been unable to
            uncover jugs for the outlets at Doune and Inverness, but perhaps someone can confirm
            whether or not any were produced. Then of course we have the products of Clan Chattan,
            which  must  be  included  if  we  wish  to  complete  the  set.  There  were  three  variations  of

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