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Photo 16 is another image from the
            same christening, and includes the
            queen,  queen  mother,  Charles,
            Diana, William and Harry.

            All  of  these  jugs/books  are  5cl  in
            size  and  contain  Rutherford’s
            Scotch whisky bottled at 40%vol.

            I’ve decided to deviate slightly from
            ceramics with my whisky company
            profile  this  time,  and  instead  give
            you  the  lowdown  on  a  firm  that
            started  out  as  grocers  early  in  the
            19  century before moving into the
            whisky  trade,  and  ultimately  producing  a  plethora  of  miniature  stoneware  decanters
            containing their Sterlini Scotch whisky. They also produced bulk-size stoneware jugs as
            well as glass bottles, but for this article we will concentrate only on the wee jugs.

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