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Rutherford & MacEwen

            I’ll  start  this  article  with  the
            Rutherford  jugs  I’ve  been  talking
            about  in  the  last  two  newsletters,
            but I’m afraid I’m still waiting for the
            ones     from    Pointer’s.   I   was,
            however,  able  to  obtain  several
            other     royal    decanters      from
            Rutherford’s that I would appear to
            have missed out on when they were
            originally  issued.  I’m  sure  you  will
            enjoy seeing them.

            Starting  with  the  new  issues  first,
            photo  1  depicts  the  jug  that
            Rutherford’s issued in celebration of
            the queen’s diamond jubilee.

            Photo 2 illustrates the ceramic book that was also produced to commemorate the same
            occasion. There is text on the reverse of both of these ceramics that gives you the relevant
            information about this event.

            Photo 3 shows us the jug that depicts the royal yacht Britannia. The yacht found a new
            lease of life as a five star tourist attraction after she was decommissioned in 1997 following
            44 years at sea. She is now berthed at the Ocean Terminal in Leith, Edinburgh. There is
            text on the reverse of this jug that gives some of the technical information relating to the

            Photo  4  is  the  front  image  of  a  jug  that  was  produced  in  commemoration  of  the  100
            anniversary of the deaths of Robert Falcon Scott and his team on their ill-fated Terra Nova

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