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these, (photo’s 34 – 36) two with the MacDonald & MacKintosh name, and the third one
            which carried the name of D. & J. MacEwen.

            Finally,  we  have  the  elusive  green-topped  variations,  (photo’s  37  &  38)  which  were
            produced carrying both the Sterlini and Clan Chattan names. We are left to speculate why
            they were produced in this format as, apart from the colour change there was also a shape
            change too, with these ones being flat-sided. Note too that they do not carry the owner’s
            name, nor do they have a strength statement. Were they for export? Were they perhaps a
            customer special? Were they prototypes? Who knows, but they are the rarest of them all.

                                                    For the record, I am on the lookout for the Aberfoyle,
                                                    Callander  and  Crieff  jugs  without  the  strength
                                                    statement,  and  the  Bridge  of  Allan  jug  with  the
                                                    strength  statement.  I  also  need  the  Clan  Chattan
                                                    green-topped version. If anyone has spares of any of
                                                    this  quintet  then  I’m  sure  I  can  come  up  with  a
                                                    suitable exchange.

                                                    That’s your lot till next time, so till then………………..

                                                                                            Dave Allen

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            ADVANCE NOTICE: Italian Miniature Bottle Bottle Show, Sicily, 18-20 July 2014

            New  Zealand  collectors  attending  will  get  two  nights  free  of  charge  at  the  hotel  d’Orange
            d’Alcantara (On a Bed and Breakfast basis) - Extra nights at 'mates rates.' Plus a Free sightseeing
            trip and sale table if you need it.

            This is a chance to meet collectors from other countries and buy/trade bottles. Contact Giuseppe
            Savoca for more details:

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