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as seen on ebay #24

            We will start with the ridiculous and totally crazy, then onto somewhat more serious stuff.

            The Glenfiddich 21 Wedgwood miniature 50ml
            Limited Edition Commemorative Bottle was
            made in 1986 for the centenary of Glenfiddich.
            The seller stated: " This is an extremely rare and
            highly sought after collectible as very few of
            these Wedgwood miniatures were produced.
            Decanted on Christmas Day, 1986 as a special
            commemoration to the Centenary celebration of
            the Glenfiddich Distillery. Although many of the
            larger decanters were also produced, the
            miniatures where only sold for a short period at
            Heathrow Airport in 1987. This comes with the original box in excellent condition, and the
            bottle is perfect, no chips, cracks, crazing or nicks and has been displayed in a proper
            display case. Please be aware this is the 1986 rare 21 year old, 50ml/5cl 43% ABV version,
            not the 1991 produced 40% ABV version. This is an incredibly rare piece of art and history
            and would make a fantastic addition to the finest collections. This is the ultimate want for a
            scotch whiskey (sic) collector as its unlikely one of this quality will come up again." The
            seller offered free shipping, yippee! Just pay US$10,000 ono! Needless to say it did not sell.

            Within a few days of the Glenfiddich being offered another collector tried to sell one for
            £1,000,000. To be fair he stated: "This isn't worth £1 million but hey, I can do with the
            money." He did get 29 offers, all of which were declined.

                                                    The item on the left is the magnificent 'Girl in the Moon'
                                                    stein made in 2001 for the Miller Brewing Company by The
                                                    House of Wiebrecht in Germany. Yes, we know that this is
                                                    not a mini but, hey, it's a great piece. The picture of this
                                                    limited edition stein really does not do it justice. It stands
                                                    216mm (8½") tall and 229mm (9") across. It is in mint
                                                    condition. The winning bid, of 12, was US$189.49

                                                    Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to work we go. Anybody want to
                                                    buy one of the most sort after mini sets ever
                                                    produced? The Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs are a set
                                                    that was made by Casa Vinicola Boccaccio of Italy.
                                                    Mr. Disney was not happy!  The sale of these was
            stopped and, supposedly, unsold sets were destroyed. The company did keep selling Snow
            White, simply as a 'lady' decanter. Question, if Disney stopped CVB selling these shortly
            after they went on sale, how come they also appear under the Roma label (like this set)?
            Surprise, Roma is an alternate label of CVB and it is highly unlikely that they would have

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