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started off selling these under two different labels. Actually, Disney had no right to stop CVB
            selling these as Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs is a traditional fairy tale, not a Disney
            construct. However, it was probably a wise decision by CVB not to take on the deep
            pockets of Disney. And I suspect that they sold off unsold stock using the second label.
            This set failed to sell, by the way, for US$750 ono. Not surprising as another set failed to
            sell for US$299 earlier in the year. (I'll pay US$250 if anyone has a set to sell - David)

                                                                     We stick with cartoons for the next
                                                                     two bottles. Hippety Hopper and
                                                                     Porkey Pig are Warner Brothers
                                                                     characters. These were licensed to
                                                                     Alpa of Italy and are part of a set of
                                                                     12. There are samples of others that,
                                                                     unfortunately, were never produced.
                                                                     Both decanters contain Amaretto.
                                                                     Hippety Hopper sold for a
                                                                     disappointing US$4.99 and Porky Pig
                                                                     for US$9.59 - still not a good price
                                                                     (unless you are
                                                                     the buyer!).

            Before we set off on some straights we have three more ceramic
            minis and two large bottles to show you. I (Peter) found the larger
            size Rugby Ball on sale during the Rugby World Cup. It is 216mm
            (8½") tall and marked Findlaters First XV. It contains 15 year old
            blended Scotch. It also has Gilberts, the (real) ball maker, on each
            side. It sold for £47.09 after 7 bids.

            The mini rugby ball (American Football
            ball if you insist) is empty, unlabelled
            and may have been filled by Alta, Lush,
            Manhattan, Meiers or Rosard.
            US$16.26 was a very good price.

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