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P. 13

To the left we have a round, clear
                                                                     glass, Beste Brandewijn followed by
                                                                     the only mini Meder crock we know
                                                                     about. This is another Zeer Oude
                                                                     Genever. The next two bottles both
                                                                     contain Dry Gin. They are identical
                                                                     (the second label is faded) except
                                                                     that the first is 75°proof and the
                                                                     second 70°proof.

                                                                     Finally we have a row of 7 bottles
                                                                     showing different bottle shapes,
                                                                     colours and label styles.

            From left to right we have Advocaat, Bessen Genever, Creme de Mandarines, Creme de
            Menthe, Oranje Bitter, Creme de Cacao and Half om Half.

            I have used a few bottles from Miniature Bottle Library to complete this article. There are
            52 bottles shown in MBL but I am sure there are many more. As usual, if you have any
            more of these, photos please.

                                                                                            David Smith

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