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Sticking with football, but this time the
                                                              round ball game, we have the Jules Rimet
                                                              World Cup trophy. This is filled with
                                                              Kindness Scotch and was made by
                                                              McLech. There are two versions of  this
                                                              bottle, both of which I (David) have. Neither
                                                              of them cost me £46. The footballer is from
                                                              Sadokewin of China and contains XO
                                                              Brandy. This bottle has been put on sale
                                                              several times by the same commercial
            seller. It normally has a minimum bid of US$65 but this time had a starting bid of US$1, as
            did dozens of other bottles from the same seller. I (David) put in a dozen or so 'cheeky' bids
            then promptly forgot about them. I should have watched this
            one as it sold for US$31.61 and I was the under bidder.
            Another Findlater's  large decanter is the football on the
            right. As you can see this was made for the World Cup in
            Italy in 1990. It is filled with 750ml of Scotch at 40%. Both of
            us are surprised that it sold so cheaply, only £25.99. Even
            more so as this is a 'special.' It was presented to Tranmere
            Rovers players in 1992.

                                                                           To the left we have three
                                                                           Macallan single malt Scotch
                                                                           flasks. The first is a 10 year old,
                                                                           70 proof, which sold for £46.
                                                                           The second is a 12 year old, 1⅔
                                                                           fl.oz. at 100 proof. This fetched
                                                                           £56. Finally we have the
                                                                           Macallan-Glenlivet. This is a
                                                                           Gordon & McPhail bottling for
            the Italian market. It is 15 year old, 43°, 4cl and sold for £69.99.

            We start the next page with three more Macallan bottles, this time round ones. The 5cl,
            1978 Scotch was bottled in 1996. £56.77 bought it. That's about NZ$110 - expensive?
            Read on. The 12 year old has a Hong Kong importer's label. This bottle contains 1⅔ fl.oz.
            at  75°. £215 bought it - no we have not got the decimal point in the wrong place - read on
            and weep oh ye Scotch collectors!  The final Macallum, which we have little information
            about, is clearly not one you can pop down to your local bottle store and buy. And at £495
            (about NZ$970) you sure as hell would not want to drink it!

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