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Expedition  to  the  South  Pole  in  1912.  There  is  text  on  the
            reverse of this jug that gives some detail about this event.

            Photo  5  is  a  jug  that  was  produced  in  celebration  of  the
            Olympic and Paralympics Games that were hosted by London
            in the United Kingdom during 2012.

            Photo 6 is another jug that was produced in 2012 and depicts
            another  image  of  the  iconic  Concorde,  which  was
            decommissioned in 2003 following 27 years of service in both
            Britain and France.

            And now for the ceramics which are new to me but have in
            fact  been  around  for  a  while.  I’ll  start  with  photo’s  7  and  8
            which  are  a  pair  of  ceramic  books  that  were  issued  to
            commemorate the engagement of prince Charles to Diana Spencer in 1980. Photo 9 is an
            entirely different one from the wedding of Charles and Diana.

            Photo 10 is a commemorative jug from the wedding of Charles and Camilla and Photo 11
                                                                        is one from Charles and Camilla’s
                                                                        wedding reception.

                                                                        Photo’s  12  and  13  are  two
                                                                        different images of Diana holding
                                                                        prince Harry.

                                                                        Photo  14  is  an  image  of  Charles
                                                                        and Diana with William and Harry.

                                                                        Photo 15 is an image taken at the
                                                                        christening  of  prince  Harry  and
                                                                        depicts the queen mother holding
                                                                        the infant.

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