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            Most articles you see these days seem only to be concerned with new vodkas and tequilas. Gins
            just don't seem to get much press. (This article was held over from the last issue where, strangely,
            we originally had two gin articles. We also have another in this issue - Editor). So here are a dozen
            gins from the last few years that should merit your attention.

                                                          Picture number one features four European gins.
                                                          Blue Ribbon is from France; No. 1 is part of a set
                                                          sold in Sweden; Van Gogh Celebrity Cruises X was
                                                          sold as part of a Van Gogh set only available on
                                                          Celebrity Cruise ships, and Arctic Velvet (please
                                                          pardon the picture) is part of an Arctic Velvet set
                                                          from Greenland…or at least that's where the water
                                                          comes from.

            Next picture shows four quite distinctly
            different bottles. Gabriel Doudier's Saffron
            Gin is from Dijon, France; Organic Nation
            from Ashland, Oregon here in the States;
            Cork Crimson hails from Ireland, and the
            very nicely-shaped Bulldog is, of course,
            from England.

                                                                         Picture three has one bottle from
                                                                         South Africa and three from the U.S.
                                                                         The Jorgensen's is the South African
                                                                         one (they also produce Primitiv
                                                                         Vodka); the Jackalope and Tub are
                                                                         both from Peach Street Distillers of
                                                                         Palisade, Colorado, and the
                                                                         Bluecoat is from Philadelphia, PA.

                                                                         What interesting gins have you

                                                                                        David Spaid

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