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cover bottleS, new nz etc

                                                                                       As someone who
                                                                                       has a specialist
                                                                                       collection of NZ
                                                                                       bottles it is always
                                                                                       good to find a new
                                                                                       one - or better still
                                                                                       11. Ken Chin found
                                                                                       these and can
                                                                                       probably get more if
                                                                                       any member wants a
                                                                                       set and cannot find
                                                                                       them locally. There
                                                                                       are 5 sets with 4
                                                                                       bottles in each but
            only 11 in total. Ken did well to get three sets with only one duplicate bottle. Expect to pay
            about $8 per bottle retail, although Ken managed to get a number of sets cheaper than that.

            Erica Mulder found the
            next two bottles. The
            Prenzel Kirsch dates from
            1994 and is an original
            30ml Prenzel bottle.
            Prezel have been bust
            twice since then and
            changed their bottle type
            three times. The club
            used to buy direct from
            Prenzel so it is amazing
            that we have not seen
            this one before. Also a
            good few years old is the
            Austin Nichols Wild Turkey bottle with the cheap importers label on the back.

            Has anyone seen any new 42 Below bottles? I have had four enquiries from the US saying
            that there are new versions and can I get some. It may be that they are an export only
            version but keep your eyes open and, please, drop me an email if you find some.

            I recently had a request to advertise on Miniature Bottle Library - I turned them down as the
            site is strictly non-commercial. It now has over 30,000 images by the way.

            I keep forgetting to welcome new members. No offence meant, I'm just b___dy useless!
            Here are two I haven't forgotten:

            Bill Baker Jr., 17109 Bluffview Ridge Ct., Chesterfield, MO 63005, USA           Email:
            Rob Colvin, c/o Money Concepts, 5204 Roblin Blvd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T-5RZ

                                                                         David Smith

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