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Bottles Wanted
Member's are always looking for those 'special' bottles. Their want ads can be found Here

Any member wishing to place an advert should contact the

Every NZMBC Member is entitled to put up a page on the club web site. Will members who wish to be included here please write a few parragraphs about yourself and your collection and send it, together with a photo of yourself and a photo of your favorite bottle or bottles to the We will do the rest.

  Colin Todd's NZMBC Page

  David Smith's NZMBC Page

  Dianne Opie's NZMBC Page

  Eric Sutton's NZMBC Page

  Graham Ramsay's NZMBC Page

  Ian Butcher's NZMBC Page

  Peter Bonkovich's NZMBC Page

  Robin Mellish's NZMBC Page

  Ron Gabbard's NZMBC Page

A number of New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club members maintain their own web sites featuring their mini bottle collections.

There are many free photo hosting sites out there. If you prefer to build your own photo site, by far the easiest we have found is S10 WebAlbums - see David Smith's site. A few clicks builds all your albums but you will need to write (or copy and modify!) your opening page.

  David Smith

Photographs of all David's 10,000+ bottles

  David Smith

Thousands of bottles for sale, all individually photographed and priced

  Eric Hjersing

Individual photos of all his collection. Excelent photography.

  Erica Mulder

Thousands of bottles for sale, all individually photographed and priced

  John Thiesen

A great specialised collection of Aquavit / Akvavit from Denmark, Norway & Sweden

  Matteo Stoppini Facebook page for sellers & buyers of miniatures

  Mikhail Madar

Mikhail's Facebook page - with bottle photos (of course!)

  Paul Denner

Worldwide 50ml Mini liquor Bottle Collectors - Buy & Sell and Social site (closed group but just ask)

  Seva Trakhtman

Pictures of his extensive Vodka collection, together with his Cognac collectiuon and some large bottles.

  Steve Jannar

Not a miniature bottle site but well worth a look. We have at least one talented member!