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NZMBCMember - Graham Ramsay

Hi my name is Graham Ramsay and I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have been collecting seriously for about 6 years.

The collection was started by my late father some 40 odd years ago. On his death I inherited the collection which consisted of about 50 or so bottles. From there it has grown to around 2,500. Although I mainly collect whisky and bourbons now, there is still a general mixture of minis in the collection. I also have a lot of ceramics and they are my other interest.

I have been a member of this club since 2007. We have been over to NZ twice for the AGM's in Wellington and Christchurch (the year the earthquake made the ground shake like Jelly, 2011). I found the club by chance on the internet when I googled miniature bottles and, being a member, the collection has gone from strength strength. Space is becoming a problem so that is one reason I have had to specalize.

The Norfolk Island parrots may not be my favourite bottles but they are ones that I came across by accident in a box of bottles I bought for $20.00. On checking them I discovered they were commissioned by the Norfolk Island tourist Information centre to be sold as souvenirs. They were filled with Ruby Port and were bottled at Central Coast Wines on the Central Coast of New South Wales. This winery is no longer in existence but the owners now have a winery in Mt Tambourine area of Southeast Queensland.

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