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New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club

Featured (Mainly) Non-Member Collecting Sites

These featured collectors maintain their own web sites showcasing their mini bottle collections. Chosen sites are more the web master's favorites than anything else and there is a strong English bias.

  Alan Low

Alan is from Singapore and this site features a lot of Chinese bottles, including some for sale.

  Carlos Lopez

This is probably the best personal site on the Web if ceramics are your thing.

  Claude Berthold

Claude is from France and this site is in French - but pictures are universal!

  David Smith & Others

Miniature Bottle Library is designed as a co-operative site. The (impossible) object is to show photos of all miniatures ever made as a historical reference.

  Fernando Saettone

Fernando lives in Lima, Peru and his site is in Spanish and English. It shows off his collection and has many pages of Peruvian bottles for sale, both 'straight' and Ceramic.

  Hong Yuen Jin

This is a Korean site that will show you many, many bottles you will not see elsewhere.

  Igor Geifman

Igor is from Israel - Check out his excellent site, Miniature Cognac World

  John Sullivan

John is also from California - he calls himself 'The Vodka Guy' but you will find photos of his fine collections in other areas here also.

  Josť Roberto Briguenti

Catedral do Whisky (Cathedral of Whisky) is a 'must see' Brazilian site. Big and small bottles in a dedicated building.


This is a site for many types of collections but there are many mini bottle collections featured plus bottles for sale. It has great filtering allowing you to find the types of bottles you are interested in accross multiple collectors. Looking to put your minis on-line? Kolektado is free.


Maik has an extensive whisky/whiskey collection and many bottles for sale.

  Siep's Page

All about KLM Miniatures and Bols and Rynbende bottles. Always has a very large range of KLM Canal House bottles for sale.


A Polish based site with photographs and descriptions over over 7,000 single malt scotches. A must for Scotch collectors.