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New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club

NZMBCMember - Ian Butcher

I am a born and bred Wellingtonian and now live on the "Nature Coast" or "Kapiti Coast" at Paraparaumu, some 50 kms north of Wellington. Although I have been a stamp collector since age 8 (and still am), I have been collecting miniature bottles since 1980 and joined Port Nicholson Miniature Bottle Club (now New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club) in 1982. I have been the treasurer for most of the time since then.

My collection began with some 40 bottles given to me by my Grandfather-in-law when he moved to Auckland. When he died 18 months later the Family gave me the rarer other 40 of his collection. During that 18 months and because I was travelling around New Zealand, I had already increased my new collection - one of the biggest increases being as the result of a visit to a friend whose wife was extremely eager to be rid of "those blasted bottles around the pelmets"!

My collection has grown over the years to about 5000 but is now limited by space. Although I have a general collection, I now concentrate on ceramics and bourbons (probably because I drink bourbon and because my Daughter was in Kentucky for some years and I visited - often!). I have been once to the St Louis show (and really recommend it) and I am very grateful to both Jim Crawford with whom I swap bottles and David Spaid who enabled me to purchase a number of older bourbons some years back on one of my trips to the USA.

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My Favorite Bottles

My favourite bottles would probably be from the original collection being "The Ross" Scotch (one of my heritage names) and two "Henry Simpson & Co., one a "White seal" and the other a "Blue seal", Scotches. But I still really like some of my Ceramics (especially my "Mr Luckys") and some of those old bourbons - and of course the two Jim Beams with photos of my Grand Daughters at birth.

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