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New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club

NZMBCMember - Colin Todd

My Name is Colin Todd and I live in Birkenhead in Auckland. I started collecting bottles in the 1960's. I have always liked whisky and picked up a few bottles in a hotel whilst travelling as a sales manager. After I had a few I decided to turn it into a hobby. One day around the mid 1980's I went into Meenan's Wines and Spirits in Dunedin and saw an advert for Port Nicholson Miniature Bottle Club (now the New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club). I have been a member ever since. I retired in 1997 and went to the club AGM in Patea in 1998. It wass an eye opener when I saw Di Opie's collection as this was the first large collection I had seen. This made me very keen to progress my own collection. Not long afterwards I was invited to see Erica Mulder's collection and my eyes really boggled.

I collect straight Scotch whisky and have in recent years started collecting ceramic whiskies of all types in the shape of animals. My collection is about 1,000 bottles in total.

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My Favorite Bottle

My favorite bottle is a Wedgwood Glenfidich. This combines the beauty of Wegewood pottery with my favorite tipple in a most unusual miniature.

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