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NZMBCMember - Peter Bonkovich

My Name is Peter Bonkovich and I live in Te Atatu South, Waitakere City, Auckland. I started collecting bottles in the early 1980's when I visited a collector's market. There was a stall with a huge number of miniatures and I liked the look and shapes of the bottles. These were something I had not seen before and I could not resist buying some. From then on wherever I went I visited the liquor and antique stores looking for miniatures. As a novice I bought and collected anything and everything I found. After a while I found that there was a lot of miniatures in the world and realised that I would have to specialise.

In 1995 I started specialising in single malt whisky (owner bottlings) and microminis. I also continued to collect New Zealand bottles, although only ones that I like. When I moved house I had big plans to get my bottles well displayed. However, a baby changes things considerably! Unfortunately my collection is currently packed away although I have taken pictures of many of them and they are able to be viewed on my Webshots page.

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My Favorite Bottle

This is a 1971 Macallan which was bought for me by my wife as a 35th birthday present in 2006. We saw this bottle at the Macallan Distillery during our UK trip in 2004. I had hinted to Janet that I would like this bottle as the Scotch was made in the year I was born. We did not buy it at the time but Janet got it for me as a birthday surprise.

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