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New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club

Mini Bottles For Sale

  Chris Rymer

An extensive collection. Chris also has a very large range of bottles for sale.

  Czech Ceramic Mini Bottles

Ceramic, mainly whisky filled, jugs from the Czech Republic.

  David Smith's Swaps

A few hundred bottles for sale or to swap.

  Decanter Collectors

This US based site sells mini and larger decanters.

  Erica Mulder's Swaps

A few thousand bottles for sale or to swap.

  Hong Kong Miniature Liquor Collection

An ecclectic mix of new and old bottles.

  Just Miniatures

This UK site sells new mini bottles - Hundreds of them.

  Licores Del Mundo

A Spanish site with lots of new minis in most categories for sale.

  Lilliput Beers

New Lilliput Bottlers' beers from the Irish Shop.


Maik has an extensive whisky/whiskey collection and many bottles for sale.

  Matteo Stoppini

Matteo's Ebay selling page


McDull USA has lots of bottles for sale but they are somewhat expensive.

  Miniature Liquor Bottles

Steve is a trader with an Ebay store that has hundreds of minis for sale at any one time.

  Ski country

The official Ski Country site.

  Vincent Tan Shop

Vietnam based. Great online shop for all kinds of mini bottles. Vincent also has shops in 2 cities where you can find thousands of mini bottles.

  The Whisky Exchange

This site retails Scotch in all sizes - including mini.

  Whisky Auction

A German based site that always has hundreds of whisky miniatures on it.